BOOK DISCUSSION: The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

I think I subconsciously felt the need to prove that I’m a young, hip, in-the-know 20-something because for the third time this month I read a #trending book. Am I overcompensating with the hashtags within my book discussions? (Maybe yes.)

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin was outside the genre I typically read, but I very much enjoyed it. I got lost a few times, the story bounced around a bit, & I wasn’t always sure where tBenjamin was heading with particular details, but it always picked itself back up.

This has almost an American Horror Story-ish feel. Hard to describe. Again, not my usual read – it was an AIDS epidemic/family dynamics struggle/sci-fi/witch-crafty book. It had a lot going on.

Have you read this? Are you a Millennial struggling to fit in and enjoy Millennial-minded reading lists? Am I an old lady stuck in my ways? Why can’t I #love the same books as all of my peers? Why am I asking so many questions you’re probably not able to answer? Some of these are hypothetical questions, but if you have legit answers for me, please feel free to analyze me. (Not really. Please don’t.)

On a serious note, I don’t highly suggest this book, but I can see why it was so popular with Belletrist and Emma Roberts. In this rare case, I recommend this book to Millennials everywhere. & given the time period in which the story takes place, Baby Boomers & the 60+ crowd may enjoy, too.

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