BOOK DISCUSSION: The Girls by Emma Cline

When I started reading The Girls by Emma Cline, I thought I was reading a memoir from a woman who had lived through those strange 70’s love/drink each other’s blood cults. Nope. Just an uber weird story about those weird love circle/creepy vibe cults.

This was another one of those books that went viral on all the major Insta-famous girl’s news feeds, & again, I felt the urge to be trendy.                        

I didn’t particularly love this book. I just kinda read through it with no particular enthusiasm. It was a time-passer & nothing more.

I have an issue with books like this. It’s like the character screams, “This is wrong!” They do it anyway, and blame the people around them for seducing them. I don’t know. It rubs me the wrong way.

If you’re into books about rebellious girls experimenting with their sexuality, go for it. If not, you’re not missing out on much of a thriller. 

Did you read this book? How’d you like the plot? Let me know. Change my mind. Maybe.

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