BOOK DISCUSSION: Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

Dance Upon The Air, Nora Roberts

I’ll admit that I often refer to Nora Robert’s novels as “middle-aged-mom-books”, only because my mom has stacks of them & read them all when I was growing up. The truth is, I’m hooked on them.

Despite predicting the entire storyline within the first 500 words, I was entranced by Nell Channing and Zack Todd. Maybe it was because I’m a hopeless romantic & love a good complicated love story, or maybe it was because Roberts tells a damn good story. The whole “witch” part was a fun addition, too! 

There’s a reason she’s such a well-read author; her style is flawless. The perfect storyteller.

Does anyone else share the same guilty pleasure of being totally engrossed in “middle-aged-mom-books”? Which ones are your favorite?

Endnote: This is not an attack on middle-aged moms. You’re awesome. My mom is awesome. Just stating a very true fact that every Millennial has a mom, knows a mom, has a best friend’s mom (so on, so on) who reads Nora Roberts.

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