BOOK DISCUSSION: Then Comes the Dawn by HJ Aridan

Then Comes the Dawn, HJ Aridan

In early Fall of 2017 I came across HJ Aridan’s poetry on Instagram & have since been mesmerized by her ability to translate feelings to words in just the right way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL.” It’s soothing to know you share that with someone, it kinda connects us all. Human to human.

So of course when she published her first ever book, I had to buy it.

Aridan divided her work into two parts, The Dark Before & The Dawn, where her words are eloquently & perfectly placed within the categories. Unlike a lot of Insta-poets, I feel connected to every piece. Not just one or two. Some more than others, yes, but even if I haven’t been through what she’s writing about, I still feel it.


  • What section do you think the above poem is from? (If you guessed The Dawn, yes. So much yes!)
  • How does this poem make you feel? Powerful?
  • Do you feel the radiation of self-love?

Going through something? Let this little black book be your healer. Not going through something? Let this little black book allow you to feel. Empathy is a virtue. 

That passage above–I read it on days I need to love myself a little extra. Find your favorite poem(s), screenshot, bookmark, fold the physical page down & keep it on your nightstand for a rainy day. Or just a day.

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