BOOK DISCUSSION: The Social Animal by David Brooks

The Social Animal, David Brooks

The Social Animal by David Brooks flows with a hilarious eloquence thats breathes the truths of social norms & etiquette that will make you laugh at all the silly idiosyncrasies that make up our daily life.

I literally made a note 13 minutes and 6 seconds in to the audiobook: “F**king hilarious. The beginning of Chapter One is my soulmate.”

The book is jam packed with blunt ( & the truest!) statements on sociological & cultural nuances; it delves into the reader’s subconscious so much that you’re like, “Uhhhh yeah, wow. This is me.” Or, “This is someone I know!”

Instead of spewing facts & stats & studies at every turn, Brooks sprinkles them into a storyline that is beyond relatable, & helps you comprehend those sociological details by means of example. The story-telling nature of this book makes it readable & informative. 

Do you know why humans have a 60,000-word vocabulary? Do you know what this has to do with animals/humans/mating/life. I do. Because I read the book & you should too. 


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