BOOK DISCUSSION: Trapped In Death Cave by Bill Wallace

Trapped In Death Cave, Bill Wallace

One of my 2018 resolutions is to read all of the unread books on my bookshelf. Hence why I read Trapped In Death Cave by Bill Wallace–a book suggested for children ages 9-12.

I’ve been picking up some heavier reads, & by heavier I mean more brain books than “for fun” books. It was nice to breeze through an easy read & just enjoy the content.

The two main characters, Gary & Brian, are adorable–I’m sure they’re not meant to be adorable for the intended reader, but if you’re 25+ they might remind you of the semi-obnoxious, but cute, kids you babysat in college.

The plot is a surprisingly morbid for a fifth grader (death cave???) considering my little brother or I probably got this at a Scholastic Book Fair in elementary school.

Do you read children’s books/young adult literature? If so, what are your favorite books to go back to from your childhood? Also, are there still Scholastic Book Fairs? If not, that’s sad, but also let’s get an adult version going! Or is that kinda what Barnes & Noble is?


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