BOOK DISCUSSION: Catch Me If You Can, The True Story of a Real Fake by Frank W. Abagnale, Stan Redding


If you seek adventure & have a lust for travel, this book is for you. If you get anxiety really easily, this book may not be for you.

Frank Abagnale’s story of characters seems too fake to be real, & it will blow your mind what he was capable of pulling off at the ripe age of 18. I couldn’t even sneak a handful of cookies from the pantry after 10pm without being caught.

It all seems whimsical, a true story of crime with no punishment for what seems like centuries, & it might make you question your career choice. Not really, but you might contemplate. 

His ability to recall the timeline, the personas he took on & share them with his readers, made a fascinating story–one that I think everyone should read. It’s also amazing to read about how trusting the bank systems were & the lack of procedure. You can thank Abagnale for the 20 minute Q&A with your bank every time you call for your balance.

The only thing I feel the book is lacking is the aftermath–I want to hear in Frank’s words what life was like after being caught. How did he come to write this book? I had a background of him before I picked up this read, but I definitely would have loved to know more about Frank NOW.

Does he still feel the urge to live a life on the run? He definitely passed on the urge to live a little–not in the criminal kinda way. More in the “let me escape to a quaint town in Italy for a couple weeks” kinda way. 

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