BOOK DISCUSSION: The Rhythm of Life, Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose by Matthew Kelly

RHYTHM OF LIFE cover photo
Beacon Publishing

The beginning forcefully dragged me in: I was instantly hooked despite it not being my typical read. My dad is obsessed with this book, bought me (& about 30 other people) a copy, insisted I read it & told me every chance he could that it’s life-changing. 

Kelly enlightens readers with various ways to be the best version of yourself; I was encouraged to take notes, stop & think, flag pages. I truly felt I was being given a perspective & solid advice I hadn’t received before.

As I got about halfway, I felt it became a bit preachy. The vibe changed for me, & I then felt forced to finish it. There were definitely parts I thought contained the same star power as the beginning, but the advice (for me & my needs) became mediocre & generic.

I’d still recommend the book to several of my friends seeking guidance, but I’ll steer it clear of my more cynical friends–I think they’d find it more amusing than helpful.

Disclaimer: There is a lot of religious context throughout the book. As a Humanist, I was still able to take the lessons, excerpts & teachings, & interpret them to fit my beliefs. 

If you’re looking for a life booster, mood booster or an adult real pick-me-up that doesn’t involve alcohol, this is it. I keep it on my nightstand and reference the tools Kelly shares for daily strategies to feel good about myself, my goals & become “the best version of myself”.

I’d love to read more books like this one. If you’ve read anything that gave you great life advice, please comment the title & author below! Share the goods!

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