BOOK DISCUSSION: In My Hands, Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer by Irene Gut Opdyke

in my hands gut
Vintage Anchor Publishing

In My Hands Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer transported me to the worst of times & made my heart leap with fear, anxiety & wonder. Although I knew she lived to tell the tale, I was constantly asking myself, “But how?” If this memoir doesn’t make you want to Google Irene, find out where she is so you can squeeze her with gratitude, I suggest you read this book again or get a heart transplant. Jennifer Armstrong did Mrs. Gut Opdyke the greatest service by sharing her story in this natural, real & soul-crushing narrative. Highly recommend to those who love history and those who don’t, for as a Millennial from New York who has thankfully never had to experience anything to the likes of World War II, it seems this is a terrible book of fantasy. Only it isn’t. 

My fascination with Holocaust memoirs and stories stems from it somehow seeming unfathomable. Do any of you feel this sense of, “How did this even happen? How is it possible?” It’s difficult to explain the pressure in my chest as I devour the words I’m reading. Human nature is a wonderfully interesting, yet a very scary & dangerous, thing. How these events occurred never ceases to blow my mind. 

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day today, pick up this memoir (or another). Educate yourself. Allow yourself to feel. Afterwards, take what you read & let it be your guide to being a good human. Love your neighbor. Always.

What Holocaust memoirs and stories have you read? Please share in the comments below or “Recommend A Book” to me on Goodreads.

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