Allow Me To Introduce Myself: The Everyday-ish Reader



I’m Risa. People say they “love to read but don’t have time” and I by-accident roll my eyes.

My only #goals as The Everyday-ish Reader are to have some cool book discussions, stalk your updates on Goodreads, and most importantly, help you see that you have time to read. Because you do.

Whether it’s an audiobook while driving, making room in your briefcase for a paperback to accompany you on the subway, or simply turning off technology 10 minutes before bed to whip out that dusty Classic you never read in college (but instead SparkNotes’d it), there are a plethora of ways to make reading a part of your daily life.

Disclaimer: The only exception to missing a day or two, is genuine connection with a solid human-being. If you, like me, believe this is the only worthy alternative, or just really want to make time for books, I hope you’ll be weird with me, read with me, and let me show you how to become an Everyday-ish Reader.

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